Interaction in the digital era

Vooter is a simple solution to bring digital interaction in any group of individuals and facilitate engagement and co-construction.

You need to interact with a group of people ? Using Vooter, you can inform, ask questions and organize polls and votes.

The participants will be able to join from the Vooter mobile app or the vooter website.

Other interesting features are the ability to project results on a screen (using a computer), perform complex analytics on the data collected, manage transparency settings, see results in real time, etc.


An unique secured tool to:

  • Organize surveys and votes
  • Crowdsource your innovation
  • Gather ideas, reviews and wishes
  • Detect and identify weak signals
  • Co-construct your vision & orientations
  • Poll an audience in real time and project the results
  • Communicate on and animate your key events

Create a Vooter interaction group

Come up with a good name and a logo, and you are done!

Setup your interactions in a few minutes

Information, Survey, Vote, Quiz, Event : many tools at your disposal

Share with all the people you want to invite!

Tablet, smartphone, computer : any platform works !

Live Interactions

Proceed to a vote, a poll or a live survey and project the results on a big screen in real time to bring some excitement and make the moment unique!


Animate your workshop and strenghten the feeling of belonging and implication within your team members by allowing anyone to express their needs and ideas easily, anonymously or not.

Let's play ball!

During a trade exhibition, get your prospects to give you details on their needs, crowdsource your ideas for your vision and generate qualified leads in the process!

Contest & Public vote

Best speaker, best startup idea, best dancer ? Make your event really exciting by adding a contest in which the public has a say.


A crazy event or a frenzied game that keeps you going for hours? Make the pleasure last: elect the individuals who changed it all and deserve a glory moment!

In person or online !

Different types of interaction groups depending of your specific need.


A unique code to join your audience, that you can share with anyone and in all of your communications.


Just pick a zone in which anyone present in the area will see be able to join your audience.


Just fill the email adresses of your invitees and Vooter will take care of all the heavy lifting.

* All plans are for one year of unlimited use.

You host an yearly event ? Perfect, keep your audience for even better results and communication.

** Over 3 000 potential members ? Contact us, we’ll find a way.

Do you have a specific need (Licensing, special location, multi-audiences, personalised setup…) ?

VOOTER is a registered trademark of Vooter SAS.